Black Cat Astrology is a sacred space where those who are unsure of their path in life, can find information, seek guidance, feel loved and move forward with a better connection to Self. Life today can focus on what we do being a measure of our success, and very little about who we are. We tend to live outward lives, through social media, movies, noise and chaos, taking less and less time to just 'be'.

As we grow up we are constantly taking in information through every sense, and we build a life and become someone. Yet so often that 'someone' is far from who are really are. Astrology is but one tool available to help us navigate our way back to our true self. Where our intuition and feelings are valued, and we walk this earth in alignment with our soul purpose.

For those who struggle with physical and mental health issues, trauma and anxiety, it can be more difficult to stand strong, to know who you are and live a balanced life. We struggle to fit in, compare ourselves to others and feel like we have failed. Success is so easily misrepresented, and we can feel left behind, and 'less than'.

Black Cat Astrology offers written Natal Chart Reports specifically to help you return to Self. To remember and reconnect with who you are, before life started reshaping you. The power of truly feeling, you are who you really are, can bring healing and strength to your daily life and indeed in the years still to come. Understanding your innate strengths and challenges can help you work through your life step by step, allowing you to move with the flow, rather than feeling like you have to fight against it.

The Universe is all about real success. Living your true purpose no matter what, who or why. Thriving, not just surviving even in the midst of illness and anxiety. Astrology offers me the opportunity to guide you to a place where you can connect with who you were meant to be, to start feeling real love and a curiosity about your life and potential during your journey here on earth. It is an honour, and something I truly love taking the time to do.

More specifcally, this work is about offering an insight which can bring about healing and peace to those who are troubled by illness, mental health challenges, fears, stress and uncertainty. For those who wish to live authentically, embracing your own truth, outside the societal and familial expectations and repressions of today.

If you would like to learn more about your Self, Personality, Strengths and Challenges, with the view to thriving, not just surviving.. contact me today.